Producing Cinematic Documentaries with a Smartphone

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Sun. April 8

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

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Case study: The making of a 9 minute mini doc in 2.39:1. Filmmaker Robb Montgomery takes you behind the (Anamorphic) lens of his Helium Cine Smartphone rig to reveal how he produced a cinematic short with an iPhone, an Osmo and a repurposed documentary audio rig.
What are the advantages and challenges operating wearing all the hats as filmmaker, editor and interviewer in making a portrait profile of a street musician in Berlin?
Yes you can use ND filters on a smartphone rig to film 180° degree shutter and yes, a bicycle was used as a dolly for many of the motion shots (Helium Core Cinema rig, Filmic Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Moondog Labs Anamorphic lens adapter, ND filters).
Great for Editors, Cinematographers or Directors of Photography, Directors & Producers, and Educators.
Concrete skills and take-aways:
• Set up a smartphone for anamorphic filming
• Filming in LOG and LUTS 24p - Anamorphic - and 180° degree shutter workflow with a smartphone
• Audio rigs and techniques
• Casting a subject for a non-fiction short film
• How to build a string out immediately after filming to 'find' your narrative arc


Robb Montgomery

Robb Montgomery


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