Processing The Many Forms of Audio Delivery

Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

Sat. April 7

3:20 PM - 4:40 PM



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Audio coming out of radio, TV and production houses takes many forms today. Audio can now take the shape of on-air or streamed or it can be put into a podcast, MP3, WAV or other audio file for later download. It can be run through a codec, over several links, and played back on iPhones, laptops or the car radio, each with different bandwidths, reception quality and listener expectations. Wheatstone's Brad Harrison and Mike Erickson take attendees through the five main considerations of managing audio. Mike discusses the issues associated with low bandwidth transport, and how processing can compensate. Also covered will be poor radio reception, the quality of radios today and how to adjust processing to optimize your audio, including audio for handhelds. Brad touches on new AES audio guidelines for OTT and video streaming and how new television standards could affect audio deliverables in the future. Finally, they wrap up the discussion on infrastructure tips and the dos and don'ts for producing the best possible sound regardless of what form it takes.


Mike Erickson

Mike Erickson

Systems and Support Engineer

Wheatstone Corporation


Brad Harrison

Brad Harrison

Sr. Sales Engineer


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