Timing Issues for Transport and Production Over the Wide Area Network

Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

Sun. April 8

3:20 PM - 4:40 PM



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The transition of production quality video and audio services from synchronous transport methods to IP implies a deterioration of the timing quality of the signals, since IP is a completely asynchronous transport format. Hence IEEE 1588 (PTP) has been introduced to convey the timing information for such AV signals. Also PTP has great challenges with its transport over IP networks, in order to reach the required quality level. In the Studio LAN this is manageable, but in the WAN the problems are formidable. In practice the only solution today is to use GPS controlled Grand Master clocks at each remote location to provide a PTP clock with sufficient quality. This scheme has several disadvantages, why the industry needs solutions for PTP transport over the terrestrial WANs. In the presentation we will describe the challenges with PTP over the LAN, but also show how a synchronous overlay on top of the IP network can provide sufficient PTP quality over the WAN for AV services without resorting to GPS controlled GMs at each end point. Real operational cases using this functionality will be presented.


Fredrik Sallstrom

Fredrik Sallstrom

Head of Product Management

Net Insight


Bengt Olsson

Bengt Olsson

Senior Product Manager

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