Where's My Console?New Tools Lead to New Workflows for On-Air Radio Talent

Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

Sat. April 7

1:30 PM - 2:50 PM



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"Virtual Radio" is the buzz-phrase among forward-thinking radio broadcasters. The term implies new tools, new methods, and new workflows for producing compelling audio content. Workflow virtualization is now taking several directions. A common theme within these manifestations is the abstraction of traditional hardware into graphical user interfaces. A hardware audio console with faders, buttons, knobs, switches, and meters is no longer a requirement for creating a radio show. Even a full-service live show, with studio guests, remote contribution, bumper audio, sound effects, jingles, and more is easily produced using a virtual audio console. And, whether or not a console is fully virtualized, some functions can be performed algorithmically, such as gain-riding a talk show or panel discussion. Further, a virtual console can bring together equipment and functions that used to be separate, and required separate hardware interfaces and controllers. With any paradigm shift in technology or workflows there will be multiple approaches to achieving similar ends. This presentation explores workflow improvements through equipment virtualization. It also examines several approaches in achieving similar outcomes aimed at producing more meaningful content with accuracy and convenience.


Kirk Harnack

Kirk Harnack

Broadcast Engineer

The Telos Alliance

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