The Mission's the Same - The Tools Have Changed.

Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

Sat. April 7

1:30 PM - 2:50 PM

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New virtual tools are augmenting the connected studio that began with the IP audio network more than two decades ago. Broadcasters are now able to customize studios and workflows with virtual interfaces that talk directly to anything that touches the IP audio network. They're replacing hardware newsrooms with virtual mixers, mobilizing the studio using tablets and other virtual interfaces in the field, and scripting their own version of what broadcast looks and feels like. Agile Broadcast's Chris Penny walks attendees through new intelligent tools that can now query the network for information, and then act on it. He provides examples of stations building workflows using widgets and how to augment existing studios using new virtual tools. He discusses changes in system platforms that are transforming the connected studio and provides working examples of scripts and scripting tools now being used by broadcasters to create customized user interfaces, virtual environments and workflows.


Chris Penny

Chris Penny

Systems Engineer

Agile Broadcast Pty Ltd

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