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About IDenTV LLC

IDenTV is an industry leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) for video. IDenTV has developed state of the art A.I. algorithms that allow for the real-time extraction of metadata from live video streams and batch files / archives. Our current models include facial, object, and logo recognition, as well as scene detection, natural language processing, and nudity detection. The technology is available via IDenTV’s Video Juicer platform, and also includes the ability to automate the tagging and training of new models. The Video Juicer allows companies in the media, national security, private security, attribution, and competitive intelligence sectors (to name a few) to automate analysis of video files and archives, and receive alerts and actionable insights. With the explosion of video as the currency for communication, marketing and surveillance, there is simply too much data for humans to effectively monitor manually. With IDenTV’s technologies, companies can automate video recognition and gain valuable insights into video like never before. IDenTV supports use cases such as Dynamic Ad Insertion, Earned Media Measurement, Drone and Static Sensor / Camera Feed Monitoring, Real-Time Advertisement Detection, Video Archive Management and Search, Customized Model Training, Broadcast Compliance Filters (i.e. Nudity and Violence), etc. Please stop by our booth at NAB to learn more and feel free to read more about us here
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