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11, rue Saussaie en Mi-Terre
Zone Actisud St Jean
Jouy-aux-Arches 57130

P: +33 3 87 37 78 78
F: +33 3 87 37 78 70

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About ProConsultant Informatique

ProConsultant Informatique develops Business Management Solutions for media organizations. LOUISE is a fully integrated solution for multi-screen content providers looking at streamlining their processes in an industry where new models keep emerging. CINDY, PCI's Ad Sales solution, goes well beyond offering traffic, ad placement and revenue optimization features. Designed to handle global ad campaign strategies, CINDY provides relevant features for Linear and Non-Linear platform businesses.
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  • Management & Systems > Radio Advertising and Media Sales Solutions (SSP, DMP, DSP)
  • Management & Systems > Traffic and Scheduling Software/Solutions (SSP, DMP, DSP)
  • Management & Systems > Workflow Software and Solutions/Systems Integration