B&H-The Studio

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Central Hall - C10415

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420 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States of America

P: 212-239-7500
F: 212-239-7770


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About B&H-The Studio

The Studio-B&H is a unique service-based environment providing comprehensive solutions to all professional media markets. Their state-of-the-art Technology Center offers unmatched access to high-end technology in all aspects of digital cinema, live broadcast production, post-production and related digital workflows. The Studio’s highly skilled team of application specialists, sales engineers, project managers, and account representatives are active members of the professional community.
Exhibitor Categories (5)
  • Acquisition & Production > Cameras and Lenses
  • Display Systems > Monitors/TV Sets
  • Post-Production > Digital Intermediate
  • Post-Production > Editing
  • Post-Production > Workflow Solutions